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Fitness first guide to ladies health & fitness

A woman’s health is her total well-being.

The moment you feel that you’re not well, don’t just ignore it. As women, we tend to care for ourselves less and less as time goes by. But what women often tend to forget is that they are more exposed to illness and health ailments such as diabetes, heart problems and breast cancer. Women need to partner up with their doctor, find out their family medical history and pay attention to their body.

Firstly, you should feel comfortable with your doctor; It’s important you feel you can talk to them about anything regarding your health. Secondly, be open and honest, they can’t help you otherwise. Lastly, DIY; breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, the 5 simple self-check technique is a good way to ensure you are being proactive about your health (check the best method with
your doctor).

As a mother, sometimes taking care of your health and fitness gets neglected too. So here are some health & fitness tips especially for the mothers amongst us;

• Exercise early in the morning to boost your energy and generate a positive mood throughout your day. – If you wait till later in the day, you’re most probably going to miss your workout session. Fitness First have several early morning classes that will get you feeling ready for the day, such as BodyPump, Yoga and RPM.

• Involve your kids in your work out, here are some ways to do it: – Have them help you count how many reps you do, for example have them count your pushups! – Give them the responsibility of deciding if you deserve a treat after your work out. – Let your little ones DJ, pass them the iPod and let them pick the tunes for your workout. – If they are old enough involve them in the actual work out
as a challenge.

• Ensure that you and your little ones are both eating a healthy balanced diet which includes plenty of fruits & vegetables.

• Drinking lots of water is essential to ensure you remain healthy both inside and out, below are some of the key benefits of staying hydrated; – Helps get rid of waste through urine and sweat – Protects your sensitive tissues and spinal cord – It keeps your joints cushioned, – It regulates our body temperature

• Breast cancer self-check monthly, you can visit the Pink Caravan website at, should you need advice on how to perform a self-examination. 

• Finally, always treat yourself with love, nurture, and exercise to ensure you are the healthiest
you can be.

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