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KOHJIN’s OPITAC Celebrates 50 Years

Japan’s KOHJIN celebrates the 50th anniversary of its OPITAC L-glutathione (GSH) ingredient—a tripeptide found in every cell of every living body, which is a building block of cell health and regeneration.
A half century of research and development of this fundamental and essential substance has resulted in KOHJIN’s GSH ingredient being the top-selling glutathione in the world, according to the company.
KOHJIN Life Sciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences, was among the first laboratories to herald the importance of L-glutathione back in the 60s, when its benefit was first demonstrated as a “first line of defense” against the effect of toxins, including environmental pollutants, upon the body.
The company then studied the relationship between glutathione levels and the stress of rigorous exercise. Peer-reviewed clinical data showed that when consumed in sports drinks, KOHJIN’s OPITAC was able to replenish GSH levels more quickly and more easily digestible than other formulations, resulting in better performance and higher endurance.
In 2013 KOHJIN delivered clinical proof that oral supplementation of L-glutathione in its patented, naturally-derived form could arrive intact in the intestine, cumulatively increasing its volume in blood serum, and providing benefit identical to GSH produced by the body itself, the presence of which diminishes with age. This finding led KOHJIN to officially changed the name of its GSH to OPITAC.
The company's non-GMO formula is naturally processed from start to finish to ensure optimum biocompatibility. KOHJIN’s OPITAC has U.S. FDA GRAS status, and it is Halal and Kosher certified.