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Revealing the latest treatments and technology to ask your dermatologist

Call it the Instagram-effect, but skin has never been more in! With cosmetic treatments becoming increasingly dermatology-focused as everyone seeks a ‘filter face’ beyond the confines of social media, inspiration also comes in the shape of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone and Elle Macpherson, who are all proving it’s possible to have clear, glowing skin well into your forties and fifties. And there’s never been a wider range of options to get the glow, eradicate fine lines, tighten pores and reverse years of sun damage as technology, science and nature combine in a new range of high-tech treatments that promise a natural look that’s far removed from the tight facelifts and fish lips of the eighties and nineties. But what are the latest innovations to help restore elasticity and turn back the clock? And how can you decode the latest beauty buzz words to figure out which treatment is best for you at any age? We take a deep dive into the latest innovations in dermatology for those in search of pore-fection…

Blood Works
A treatment receiving plenty of buzz in derma-world is PRP, which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments. With a variety of uses including lessening acne scars, as an anti-ageing treatment and also to combat hair loss, PRP also sidesteps the issue of customers having bad reactions to the treatment, because they’re using their own blood. Having been used throughout the nineties to aid sports injuries and arthritis, PRP has stepped into the cosmetic dermatology arena where it can boost collagen production and stimulate skin recovery. Popularised by the ‘vampire facial’, it’s proved effective in smoothing out fine lines and deep wrinkles and combating sun damage, using blood drawn from the client’s arm, before platelets are separated into platelet rich plasma. “If your face looks tired and dull, or skin is saggy or droopy, the ‘Vampire Facelift’ is exactly what you need,” suggests Dr Vimi, Specialist Dermatologist at Medstar Healthcare. “The procedure is great for your face because it gives you younger healthier skin. The recovery time is very small too. It doesn’t leave any residue and is a lot safer and natural compared to a surgical facelift.”

The Eyes Have It
When it comes to tackling lines around the eyes, Botox has long been the go-to for anyone who wants to smooth the skin in that area. However, even the most dedicated ‘toxer would have noticed that the treatment doesn’t tackle the fine lines around the eyes. Neither do popular hyaluronic acid fillers, which can create something called the Tyndall effect, whereby the acid gel shows through the delicate skin area creating a blue colour beneath the eye. So keep an eye out (pun intended!) for a new injectable collagen called Cellifique, which fills in those fine lines for a natural-looking result. Also perfect for fine lines around the lips (the bugbear of many smokers), the results can last up to nine months.

Natural Goes Mainstream
One of the hottest buzzwords in dermatology, microtreatments refers to having a series of non-surgical treatments over a longer period of time- including maintenance – creating natural results that avoid the trap of trying to look twenty years longer, instead helping you look great for your age. Speak to your dermatologist about lasers to stimulate collagen production, radio frequency to smooth out the neck, fat dissolving injections (perfect for removing fat under the chin) and small amounts of fillers to complement the work.

Beyond Microneedles
With everyone from Nicole Kidman to Kim Kardashian extolling the virtues of microneedling – a process which pushes serums into the skin to achieve a more youthful look – an even newer technology has arrived which uses iconic puncture to deliver fast results straight into the dermis. Combining four technologies – micro current, microdermabrasion, micro infusion and microneedling – to deliver the serum where it’s needed, ionic puncture uses plastic bristles instead of needles, which means no bleeding and the ability to use this more gently delivery system around the delicate eye area. Plumping and oxygenating skin, the top serums being demanded Stateside are the lifting and hydrating options.

The Best A Girl Can Ret
In the same way that orange is the new black, retinol and retinoids have been hailed as the new hyaluronic acid, and savvy clients are looking out for treatments containing them. Having been proved effective in anti-ageing treatments, as well as healing acne scars, retinoids and retinols are a derivative of vitamin A, with the former prescription strength and the latter used in products available over the counter. Retinoids work to increase cell turnover, whilst removing old cells, stimulate collagen and smooth fine lines, utilising a micro-peel effect, meaning those with sensitive skin should approach with caution as it can cause redness