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Yoga for concentration and focus

From the moment we wake up to the end of long busy days, distractions are everywhere making it difficult to garner actual focus and concentration. Concentration is actually a mental ability to focus on one thing by keeping other things away, says DRYP Hot Yoga studio in Dubai Marina. As rates of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are on the rise and we have taken to medication for a quick fix the most effective method to improve one’s concentration and focus level can be yoga.

Before you can start on yoga poses for concentration, wellness coach, Sreela Nair from The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery says it is extremely important to find a Drishti, a mental and visual focus point to set your gaze and thoughts on and stick to it throughout the duration of the posture. Nair adds that in this way you can internally also find an equilibrium and stability to channel your focus.

Here are few to begin practicing 

Tree pose 
Stand erect and drop your arms to the side of your body. Place your right foot high up on your left thigh. Make sure that the sole is placed firm and flat on the root of the thigh. Now, inhale, and gently raise your arms over your head and bring them together in a ‘namaste’. Look straight at a distant object and hold your gaze. Repeat this pose with the left leg.

Shoulder stand pose
Lie down straight and lift your lower body upwards and balance the entire body on your shoulders. Remain in this pose for 30 seconds and add 5-10 seconds until you can reach 5 minutes. While coming down, remember to exhale when bending your knees, DRYP Hot Yoga says this pose will allow the mind to concentrate more efficiently.

With special thanks to DRYP Hot Yoga Studio & The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery.