Obese Men Need Help Losing Weight Too

With some obese men, gastric bypass surgery may seem like the only option. This surgery is expensive, risky and doesn’t always work. It should be approached as a last option only after you have explored other ways to lose weight.

Some people believe that Obese men eat all the wrong foods. This is certainly true for some people but often the underlying diet may be ok but the portion size i.e. quantity of food consumed is wrong. Men tend to get less home economics teaching then women particularly those of a certain age. This can mean that they are more inclined to follow the trendy advice rather than that based on logic and science. For example, obese men will often eat diet food i.e. diet soda, diet ready meals etc. The problem is that these foods will not help you to lose weight, in fact they may be the reason your waistline is increasing.

You need to immediately stop drinking diet drinks as well as any form of alcohol. While you are at it, cut down on tea and coffee as well. We need to retrain your body and get your internal organs working more efficiently. The best way to help your major detox organs i.e your liver and kidneys is by increasing the amount of water you drink. Don’t drink carbonated but do try to drink filtered rather than tap water. We are aiming to eliminate the toxins from your system and some tap water has too many chemicals in it.

Being obese, your internal system is probably clogged up so it would be a good idea to start a detox diet to get things moving. On this type of diet, for the first couple of days you will only drink water and vegetable juices. This will help to get things moving and you should start losing some pounds.

After a couple of days, you will gradually reintroduce foods but they will be the mainly fruit and vegetables with a little brown rice. Follow this diet for one week and see what difference it will make. You cannot keep eating just fruit and vegetables though as your body needs vital nutrients it gets from quality proteins and carbohydrates. Your doctor will be able to put you in touch with a nutritionist who will help you to plan your meals.

Basically you want to do away with any white foods in your kitchen so no white pasta, rice or sugary cereals. Think brown as being healthy so brown bread, bran based cereals without added sugar and brown rice or pasta. The majority of your meals should be made up of vegetables in as many different colors as possible but should also include fish and quality protein from meat with the fat removed.

You need to change some of your habits and associations as well. If you always eat while watching TV, you probably need to take up a hobby or two and switch that TV off. Breaking patterns of behavior will help you to lose weight. Read a book rather than watch TV. Better yet get outside for some exercise. Soon you will no longer fall into the category of obese men.